Below are some of my most common services which I offer , If you have other needs , feel free to get in contact with me and i will do my best to cater to your needs

All prices listed below are correct at time of writing . You should check with us to obtain up to date pricing using the contact page

Computers Built

I am able to  Built Custom Computers which will be fully customised to your specific requirements .

Computers Repaired and maintained

I am able to carry out repairs and maintenance to most computers, Contact me with the issue your having with your computer and i will be happy to assist

Annual Computer Check up

Would you like the peace of mind knowing that your computer is in the best condition it can be each year.

your PC will be checked for any common issues which are causing problems currently or could do in the future.

£36 per year

a 15% discount will be honored for PC’s provided or previously refurbished by ourselves, providing the annual PC check up has been carried out each year.

for full details please click below

Operating systems upgraded and refreshed

Is your computer running an outdated version of windows or just generally running slower than it did from new ?

If so then I am able to either get you upgraded to the latest version , or simply give your current version a speed boost.

Servers set up and maintained

Whether its simply for home use or your small/ medium Business , I am able to assist with setting up and maintaining servers for your requirements

Networks set up and maintained

Whether you are wanting to expand / upgrade your current network or needing an entirely new network setting up .

I am able to supply and configure networking hardware to meet your requirements 


With technology being a key part of business ,it is important to ensure that you have the best web presence possible.

I am able to host ,build and maintain a website , whether for a small personal venture or for your business