Terms and Conditions

This document outlines the terms which we work by as a business and which you need to follow either as a visitor to the website or as a customer. 

By using our services or visiting our website, you are thereby agreeing to the terms and conditions outlined below. 

Within this document terms such as “we” and “us” etc. refer to the company “Daniel Sharman Computer Repairs” 

Website terms

  1. By Visiting this website, you are agreeing that we may use anonymous cookies to track visitors to our site, data will be collected in accordance with google analytics policy.
  2. Although every care is taken to ensure that accurate information is present on our website, we shall not be held responsible for any information which may be incorrect. 
  3. You agree that you will not attempt to gain access to any areas other than those which are specifically public 
  4. You agree not to attempt to change content of the site in any way. 
  5. If you contact us using the contact page of our website, you agree that your details will be used in whatever way is required in order to deal with you request. 
  6. Any information provided on our website is provided “As Is” with no liability being held for this information by us or any of our partners we work with. 
Terms of service
  1. Unless otherwise specified in a written agreement, you as the customer will be responsible for ensuring that your personal data and any software licenses you already own are backed up safely before any work is carried out. We shall not be held responsible for any losses which are the result of you failing to back up your data and /or software appropriately.  
  2. Any system or other device left with us is left with us at your own risk, although we will take all reasonable steps to ensure it is kept safe during this time. 
  3. Although all reasonable measures will be taken to ensure that all pcs are of a safe standard, we will not be held responsible for any injury, damages or losses which may result. 
  4. Any system which requires a quote will be disassembled as far as is required for diagnostics to be carried out. Should you not wish to proceed, disassembly will be billablereassembly will not be completed unless requested and agreed to be paid.  
  5. Unless stated otherwise in writing, all systems sold / repaired do not come with warranty as standard. 
  6. We reserve the right to not work on a system if we deem it as being dangerous to work on. 
  7. We reserve the right to refuse to work on a particular site ,or with a particular client if we feel that anyone would be put at risk by doing so, this decision will be made at our discretion.  
  8. All systems must be collected within 60 days from notification of completion.  
  9. We reserve the right to resell any uncollected systems to offset any monies owed 
  10. All labour charges will be billed to the nearest whole hour 
  11. We reserve the right to charge for time spent traveling to site. 
  12. All remote work must have 2 hours of labour payed as a deposit before we will commence work, if work is completed in under 2 hours we shall refund as appropriate. 
  13. All invoices are due upon completion of the work unless you have other arrangements from us in place from us prior to issuing of the invoice. 

We reserve the right to change or alter the terms outlined above at any time and without giving prior notice with regards to this.